Best Golf Courses in Hong Kong


In the soon to be assimilated city of China, golf has been played for years and has gained popularity over time among people living there. One of the oldest golf clubs is found in Hong Kong and we are going to list it as one of the best golf courses in Hong Kong. Other golf courses are excellent but we are going to list a few of the best among all the golf courses in China.

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Hong Kong Golf Course near Fan Kam Road

Away from the busy city of Hong Kong, lies this old club which has been there for 115 years. Amazing isn’t it. That’s not all. The Hong Kong club is really a club, not just any profit-driven commercial project. The club knows how to respect membership than driving for profits like most other golf courses in the world. To access the golf course, you can take a ferry or the newly constructed road. There are three courses for golfers to explore as they enjoy the peace and quiet of this serene environment. One interesting thing is that holes for two courses were built 40 years apart.

The Clear Water Bay Golf Course and Club

When the title says country club, it is a true definition of a club. The clear water golf course is situated near the water along Tai Mun road in Hong Kong. The architect behind the renovation of the golf course is Thomson assisted by Perrett but the original designers were T. Sawai and A Furukawa. Apart from being near the busy city, the clear water club is a few miles drive from Hong Kong airport. The owners boast of golfing challenges suitable for professionals including an over-the-ocean tee.

The Discovery Bay Golf Course on Lantau Island

Just as the name suggests, the location is near the bay. The main road connecting the course to the city in the valley road. Developed a year after clear water bay, discovery bay golf course is a place to be for any golfer who finds themselves in Hong Kong. It is also near the airport (in fact it is nearer than clear water bay). The golf course has several clubs and anyone can choose between them. They include the golf club, leisure club, residents club and marina club. Apart from golf, you can involve yourself in other recreational activities like swimming.


Hong Kong is not just a commercial city of China. It is a city of serious golfers. The fact that it homes one of the oldest golf clubs is something to boast of. Visit the golf courses mentioned above and try your skills there. You may even get lucky and win a trophy if there are any events happening.