Can You Sleep In A Sea Kayak Comfortably Overnight?

sleep kayak

Normally, the kayaks are not meant for overnight trips, as it is generally used for recreational fishing kayaks and for traveling purposes. So the kayaks are not provided with the necessary arrangements for sleeping peacefully at nights. However, the paddlers may face with certain situations when they are forced to spend nights in their kayaks. So it is better to keep some personal arrangements for spending overnights comfortably in the kayaks.

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Few steps to be taken for spending nights on kayaks

  • Keep light sleeping gear – If the paddler is planning for a long trip on his sit on top kayak, it is better to keep a compact sleeping gear on his boat, which is quite light and demands little storage space. It is wise to take a hammock and a light aluminum blanket, instead of a heavyweight sleeping bag for an overnight trip on kayak.
  • Take an inflatable pillow – A comfortable sleep is not possible without a pillow under the head and thus, it is best to opt for an inflatable pillow while starting on a kayak voyage. This type of pillow is both soft and easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for supporting the drooping head while sitting or lying down on the kayak at night.
  • Pack up some healthy foods for dinner – When someone needs to spend a night on his kayak, it is advisable for him to pack his dinner that can be eaten while onboard. It is good to carry some healthy food items that will not make the paddlers too much sleepy and filled up. Thus, some light foods; like fruits, salads and chocolate bars may be chosen for dinner on the kayak.
  • May play some music – The paddlers may also keep some arrangements for playing light music during the nighttime. This hearty music may prevent their boredom amidst the darkness of night on the kayaks and help them to entertain themselves till they can fall asleep.

However, people spend their nights on the kayaks, only to avoid spending nights out in the forests or on the open beaches. So it is better to avoid the overnight trips on kayaks, unless it is absolutely unavoidable for certain circumstances. Moreover, the paddlers should also carry some weapons, like pump shotguns and knives to save themselves from the wild animals that are likely to be out for hunting at night in the forest areas.