Is a rowing machine better than a treadmill for workouts?

Why to use rowing machine?

The rowing machine is considered to be among the very best fitness equipment used in the gym. The reason is this particular machine helps to workout all parts of the body simultaneously. It helps to workout the legs, back, chest, arms and the abs. Rowing, according to the health experts is stated to be low impact exercise. It does not place much stress on the ankles and knees. Even though the legs are found to be in full motion, while exercising the rowing machine, the legs actually do not get to bang on those hard surfaces. It is definitely good for the legs. Hence, this machine is found to be much better than treadmills. Hence many treadmill users and joggers have switched over to rowing machines.

Benefits of rowing

Rowing is also stated to be an excellent cardiovascular exercise, while being a fabulous way for toning the body. Rowing exercise can help to around 800 calories/hour. Besides burning calories, it also provides proper workout for the lungs and heart. The machine’s constant rhythmic motion is said to have calming effect upon the user. Purchasing indoor rowing machine can be a wise idea. It is undoubtedly the only fitness equipment available in the market that promises to exercise all essential muscles of the body.

How to select rowing machine?

With some tips, the best rowing machine can be purchased. Different resistance types are used by these equipment. Those using air resistance are found to be much better when compared to hydraulic resistance once. But air resistance types can be quite noisy, while hydraulic resistance ones are more affordable. Since they are not known to allow large motion range, they are not much popular. Magnetic rowing equipment are quieter ones. They also offer better resistance, however, are more expensive. The other type is water resistance type that replicates original watercraft rowing. These are found in wide variety of designs, but are expensive.

Besides the resistance type, other considerations to be made are its size, price, seat comfort level including different rowing machine support functions.

You need to incorporate rowing exercises into your regular fitness program. This exercise regimen when followed daily will help to enhance your stamina and fitness level. It is a wonderful equipment meant for sportsmen, athletes including those who are health and fitness conscious. Beginners should start with light training to get accustomed to this equipment and slowly increase their pace with time.

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