Which Are the Best Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

Having conditions in life is normal especially conditions associated with your leg and foot. Achilles tendonitis is one of such conditions which is caused by inflammation of the Achilles tendon. The pain comes from exercising and wearing poorly fitting shoes hence the Achilles tendon which is responsible for jumping and running is affected. In this articles, let us look at the poorly fitting shoes cause. Sometimes, a hospital is not all that important and you just need to adjust your lifestyle needs. A good shoe is important is you want to counter Achilles tendonitis. Let u look at best shoes for Achilles tendonitis.

The New Balance Comfort Shoes

The particular brand suitable for Achilles tendonitis is M1540v2 for men and then for women it is W1540v2. New balance has been a big brand for a while and its shoe product are top notch. Most of New balance shoes are available on amazon at a reasonable price. The features of the shoes include breathable materials, support system for the heel and a multilayered for the inner sole and outer sole. These are meant to provide support for your leg as well as reduce pain you may be experiencing on daily basis. You should try the new balance shoe and see if it works for you.

The Skechers Shape up Shoe for You

The shape of the shoe is just wow as well as the bulky sole. The men’s shoe main color is black while for women it is white. Skechers is not as famous as Nike or Adidas but the shoe could really help you in preventing Achilles tendonitis condition. The main feature which stands out is being able to concentrate on the middle area of your leg rather than the front and back of the feet. Another outstanding feature is the sole which is able to support people who are overweight. The shoe opening is tight but comfortable making sure your Achilles tendon is kept in place. Definitely one of the best shoes for Achilles tendonitis.

The Clark Official/All Occasion Shoes

Sometimes sporty looking shoes are not acceptable in the office. This has given the Clarks Company a market gap of producing all occasion shoes which also help deal with Achilles tendonitis condition. The men’s shoes are closed and mostly suitable for daily office or work use without having to feel the inflammation. The women shoes are open and can fit all occasions. Despite the use of leather, the shoes is breathable meaning your feet won’t sweat a lot.


Taking medicine and expensive procedures may not be the perfect solution for your Achilles tendonitis. Sometimes changing your shoe is the best alternative that could change your life. Try some of these best shoes for Achilles tendonitis.